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Gold Prospecting LLC - Secrets to Finding GoldRalph Shock at Gold Prospecting Adventures in Jamestown will pay $10.00 more per ounce of gold than anyone else in the gold county---in lots of 5 pounds or more. My logic is, if you have 5 pounds of gold you sure know a lot more about finding gold than I do and that is your Ph.D. and because we all possess greed to some degree or another will cause you to look me up .

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Do People Still Pan For Gold? - ezinearticlesPeople still pan for gold. Some people still do it as a main source of their income especially in the developing countries while some people do it as a hobby. Some tips to pan for gold Gold panning is not so hard to do - that is if the person is willing to put his back into it and panning for gold should be an enjoyable experience.You can learn to pan for Gold; instructions for .Gold pans are constructed of metal or plastic and both are used in prospecting for gold, for cleaning gold-bearing concentrates, and rarely, for hand working of rich, isolated deposits. Plastic pans are recommended for most folks, because they have some significant advantages over the older steel types - including the fact that they are lighter, don't rust, nor do they conflict with the use of ...

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