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Bench Grinders - SearsBench grinder wheels sharpen and shape your tools and blades. Depending on the tool, you'll need a higher or lower grit rating. Many grinders come with two wheel slots, so you're ready for any grinding job. A wire brush wheel will help you remove rust and other debris. Sears has the bench grinders and bench grinder stands you need to help keep

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How to Clean and Dress a Bench Grinder Wheel Even bench grinder wheels need to get dressed. Anything can happen to a bench grinder grinding wheel. That is why it is important to regularly clean it and do what is called dressing. The dressing makes sure that the wheel is square and in top condition.Bench And Pedestal Grinders | OSHA Safety Bench And Pedestal Grinders. Almost every maintenance shop has a bench or pedestal grinder. They are most commonly used to shape or sharpen the cutting edges of tools such as chisels or lawn mower blades. These are powerful, useful tools, but they are also potentially dangerous because users take them for granted.

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