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Spinning calculations - LinkedIn SlideShare(SPINNING CALCULATION-1) = 29349.5lbs 1 lap = 50yards 1 lap = 11.50ozs/yard 1 lap = 50 x 11.5 = 36lbs 16 Total no. of laps = 29349.5/36 = 816 laps No. of laps/ Scutcher = 816/3 = 272 laps Q. Prepare the production plan of a spinning mill with the given statically data While the yield age is 82 %, bale wt. is 170 Kg., blow room has 2 Scutcher, efficiency 85 % and waste %age is 6%. MUHAMMAD ...

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Calculating Timber Prices: A Formula For SawmillsAccording to the U.S. Forest Service, there are many factors influencing the value of timber, from acreage to the number of bidders. Indeed, lumber calculations can be vexing—even for veteran woodworkers. Fortunately, Forest2Market provides great resources to help you chart calculations. The following tips can also help you decide what prices will work to make your sawmill profitable.Safety Stock Calculation | SAP BlogsSafety Stock Calculation: ( As an Example ) SAP Formula Number : 17 SS = R x Square root of W x MAD . Service Level %age : 85 Service level Factor – R = : 1.3 as per SAP Help Chart corresponding to service level percentage maintained in MRP2 view. Planned delivery time : 45. GR Processing Time (GRT) : 0. Purchase Processing time (PRT) : 0. Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD) : 278 .This will be ...

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