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What's the Best Blender for 2019? We Tested 14 to .The Ninja ($133). This high-performance blender didn't perform well in our test. The ice preset function left us with water at the bottom and uneven chunks throughout, and the smoothie was thick ...

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The 10 Best Nutribullet Blender Alternatives | .Can it handle something as thick and viscous as a nut butter? Many blenders, both countertop and personal, require a certain liquid content in whatever they are blending so that the liquid inside can circulate correctly. Be sure to check your potential blender's user manual before purchase to see what it needs to operate optimally. Our Top 10 Best Nutribullet Alternatives Omorc-Smoothie ...How to Make Healthy Smooth Peanut Butter in 1 .Forget about buying chemical-laced peanut butter from the store. And forget about spending big bucks to buy fancy organic peanut butter from health food stores made with no nasties. With this healthy peanut butter recipe, you're armed with everything you need to make wonderfully sweet, salty, smooth peanut butter at home in just 1 minute.

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