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TamiyaBlog - A blog about Tamiya radio .It's all stock, except the motor, a 540 silver can is installed. Product Info: https: ... Tamiya 58682 Audi V8 Touring 1991 TT-02 Tamiya is delighted to announce the appearance of another classic racing car on our popular TT-02 chassis, this time the Audi V8 touring car with a 456hp 3.6-liter V8 which graced the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) in 1991. That season, it took four victories ...

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Tamiya Motor and Gear Box Kit - Massachusetts Institute of ...nubs of plastic, the motor may not assemble properly and may not run. 2. While assembling the gear box, make sure to align the lines on the outside of the gray gear box parts. 3. On the interface between the last arm gear and the output shaft, there is a thin metallic plate. This plate has three flanges which mesh with small notches on the arm ...4WD Part | Toko Online Spare part : Crush Gear, Tamiya ...Crush gear sebenarnya tidak berbeda jauh dengan tamiya, atau jenis mainan mobil balap lainnya. Pada prinsipnya tetap berupa mobil mainan model masa kini dengan keleluasaan membangun struktur body dan penciptaaan akselerasi serta kecepatan secara mandiri. Namun, tidak seperti jenis mobil mainan terdahulu yang memfokuskan kepada optimalisasi kecepatan (speed), crush gear lebih condong .

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