Aoi Tea Pany Stone Mill

Millstone For Grinding Wheat And Seeds To Make Flour Matcha Stone Mill Grinder, Mr. Ito - AOI Tea Company Toshiaki Ito doesn't aim to reinvent the wheel. But he does want to perfect it. Mr. Ito is the AOI Tea Company's stone mill carver.

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Advertising||The North Wales Chronicle and In a Lancashire mill town a little over a year ego, a lady took a roeim, ob- tained the services of the medical officer of health free one dray each week, and a'so help from one of the district nurses. The infant consultations were run bv these and voluntary helpers, cutting out Japanese-English and English-Japanese dictionary.Cha-bOki, a ladle. Cza-seki, a tea-party. Chat feather brush, used in sweeping up tea sen, a tea-stirrer. Cha-shi, a tea growwhen grinding it in a mill. Cha-bon, a er. Cha-shibu, the deposit from tea on tea-tray. Cha-bukuro, a small hemp- an old tea cup. Cha-shitsu, a tea en bag, used for holding the tea in boil- room, or room for making tea.

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