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Fertilizer Machine & Production Line Manufacturer- .bio organic fertilizer production line including two main parts: fermentation process and granulation: Hydraulic type groove turning machine, fertilizer crushers, horizontal mixer, new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary dryers, coolers, screens, packing machines, belt conveyors and other equipment. all these equipment are meeting the demand of environmental protection and low cost ...

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Economical Organic Fertilizer .New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulation Machine Overview New type organic fertilizer granulator, also called wet type granulator, achieves super efficient fertilizer granulation process in large-scale organic fertilizer production line. It owns the highest granulation rate among all the organic fertilizer granulators, which convinces the manufacturers that this machine is right for them.Rotary Drum Granulator - organic-fertilizer .Rotary drum granulator is a common equipment for compound fertilizer granulation. It is mainly used in the production of NPK compound fertilizer, heavy superphosphate(TSP), monoammonium phosphate(MAP), diammonium phosphate(DAP) and other products.

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