Biax Extrusion Ball Press Machine

Accessoires - Stecknippel - BIAXDruckluft- und Elektrowerkzeuge aus dem Hause BIAX - Made in Germany - Accessoires Stecknippel jetzt ansehen

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NISSEI Plastic Injection Molding Machines - We .Press release about NISSEI Texas plant. Learn More. NISSEI GLOBAL WEBSITE. Visit NISSEI Japan's website. Learn More. HOLIDAYS & EVENTS . Information about Holidays and upcoming events. Learn More "Our Floor to Yours Quickly" NISSEI offers a large inventory of machines and parts for immediate delivery. Contact Us. US HEADQUARTERS. 1480 N. Hancock St. Anaheim, CA 92807 +1 (714) 693 .Lithium Battery Double Layers Extrusion Coating .Function overview: 1. The coater is a professional lithium battery pole piece coating equipment. 2. Suitable for coating process of oily or water-based lithium iron phosphate, oily lithium cobaltate, ternary, lithium manganate, lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide, oily or aqueous negative carbon graphite, lithium titanate and the like;

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